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So I tried Kotlin in Eclipse, and here's what happened

For some odd reason, Eclipse kept complaining that the Kotlin section of preferences had invalid values... no idea why. Right-clicking to convert Java code to Kotlin works great though. Off to a good start!

Also been reading the documentation. Kotlin Native looks quite helpful for my use case in particular. Not a fan yet, but... it sure has potential.

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Eric Ahnell

Follow-up: Mass conversion of Java code to Kotlin doesn't work... and to make matters worse, the converter has a bad habit of breaking things. Ah well... it's not like these problems aren't fixable. The two common ones I see often are mislabeling things that should be "var" as "val", and upgrading "getter" methods to Kotlin's enhanced property syntax but not changing places where those new properties are accessed to the new style. It's just a pain to fix these manually. Maybe a trip into JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA is in order?