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Beautify Your GitHub Profile README

Have you ever seen a beautiful profile README while browsing the GitHub profiles of someone?

You may be wondering how to make it look like that. Here are some tips:

Use HTML Elements

Because README uses Markdown syntax, there are some features in the layout that HTML Elements can do that Markdown cannot, such as centering blocks and resizing images.

Use Tools

There are many tools that can help you make your README more beautiful. The idea is to use the GitHub API to dynamically generate SVG charts that show your GitHub data, such as contribution amount, cost used languages or total star earned, total PRs... etc.

For Badges

For badges, try, it helps you create many different kinds of badges, and there are many parameters to create the badge you want to show.


Here is an example:


For Stats

For stats, try github-readme-stats, it helps you create SVG for all kinds of your GitHub stats.


Here is an example:


For Commit/Contribution Graph

For commit/contribution graph, try github-contribution-graph!

It's an awesome tool for dynamically generating contribution graphs that show your GitHub contributions.

It's beautiful, it has SLIM animation, and it supports custom background image (even .gif !)


Here is the demo:

Image description

Okay, that's all about today's tips!

If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to share them with me in the comment section!

If you like any of the above tools, don't forget to leave a star in their GitHub repo!

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