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I'm Conlin Durbin, and this isn't about me.

Hey there, friends. Happy International Women's Day! This isn't about me, so here are some great women to follow and learn from.

I really hope this doesn't come across like this, but I would be remiss to not share this tweet:

That's not my goal at all, I am just very lucky to follow/know all of these people and others would be too!

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are many, many great women out there and I could never create a list of them all.


Honestly, if you are on here, you probably know who she is. She has great content and great insight.


Emma also writes great content on and I've learned a lot from reading her posts!



Full disclosure, Casey is my manager at work. She doesn't post much but her retweets are great! I've learned so much from working with her!


A post from Caryssa's blog

I also work with Caryssa and her posts on Maxwell's equations leave my head spinning! She's an incredible engineer and you should definitely be following her blog!


Cassidy is an engineer at CodePen, which is super cool. Her newsletter is absolutely fantastic!


Mayuko is one of my favorite Youtubers! Her content is so inspiring and her editing style is wonderful. I highly recommend this video - it has a great tone and the message is wonderful!


Tae'lur's journey into tech is incredibly inspiring and she just started blogging on!


I went to college with Kim! I love following her twitter and blog. She posts great content - a lot of which has a focus on women in tech!

My advice for fellow allies is...

  1. Listen to women. It's literally the easiest thing to do.
  2. Believe women. I know you might not understand their situation, but I guarantee they aren't lying.
  3. Support women. Recommend them for speaking gigs, promotions, literally anything you would recommend a man for.
  4. List your pronouns. This helps all sorts of people, but it normalizes the idea of personal pronouns, which is super important.

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