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Keep Track of your Investments πŸ’΅ using this Template

Hey folks πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

We just launched another Product on Product Hunt. It's a notion template that helps you track your investments and drive higher profit.

ETF and Stock Rebalancer

On your journey to financial independence, it's crucial for your portfolio to be aligned according to your plans for the future. This template will make sure your investment portfolio is balanced the way you need it to, making sure you're on track to achieve your financial goals.

It has three main components to it:


The accounts section is one that is used to hold the different items in your portfolio. This breakdown will help filter and sort the items held in your portfolio database.


  • Name
  • Type
  • Portfolio Investments (Relation) Alt Text

Asset Classes

An asset class is a group of investments that have similar characteristics and are subject to the same laws and regulations. It's important to have a balance between them that fits the risk you are willing to take as well as your time to retire.

A target, in the form of a percentage, should be set for each of the asset classes.

The asset classes considered in this database are:

  • Canadian Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • U.S. Equity
  • International Equity
  • Emerging Markets
  • Cryptocurrency Alt Text


The main database in this template. This is a list of every asset in your portfolio, and it should be the database you interact with and update the most.

Every item in the portfolio should correspond to at least one asset β€” although they often fit multiple (e.g. ETFs). It is very important you specify the distribution across all asset classes available such that the sum is 100%.


  • Name
  • Ticker
  • Market Value
  • % Fixed Income
  • % Canadian Equity
  • % US Equity
  • International Equity
  • Emerging Markets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Account (Relation)
  • Status: 🟒 or πŸ”΄ when the asset allocation percentages do not add up to 100%. Assets Classes: Every entry in this database must contain all asset classes available in order for it to be included in the balancing calculations. To help with this, there is a "New Entry" template that can be used to create new items, which contains all relations it needs. Moreover, because a filter selecting all asset classes has been set, they will be added to any new row that is added. Alt Text ### Want One? Here is your link πŸ‘‰ Balance your Portfolio

We are on Producthunt today. Go show some love hereπŸ”₯
Alt Text

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ones66790 • Edited

Been looking for such a template for some time already, and finally found it. Thanks for this. It helps a lot to monitor some tradings, even you have like 3-4 monitors on your desk. I am investing in gold on, making a lot of money on it, so it's very helpful. I came into this when one of my friends showed me his income from investments, and I wasn't even close with my 2 jobs, then I understood that I was doing everything wrong in this life, and left both of jobs and started to invest the money which I gathered.

steeeveee93 profile image

If you are planning to be interested in investing and investing money somewhere, then I advise you to read the article about Private Placements first. And you can also read other articles on this site in the blog, they will also give you quite a bit of knowledge in this area.

kingishut profile image

As an individual investor, you must know how to determine an asset allocation that best conforms to your personal investment goals and risk tolerance. In other words, your portfolio should meet your future capital requirements. As such, could help you achieve that. Ascertaining your individual financial situation and goals is the first task in constructing a portfolio. After that, consider your personality and risk tolerance to clarify your current situation and future capital needs. Risk tolerance will determine how your investments should be allocated among different asset classes.

relativelyrehan profile image

Very useful template. Thanks for this one @sarthology πŸ˜‡

priya_srivastava profile image
Priya Srivastava

I'll certainly incorporate this to my financial journey ahead :)

manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk

I'm very excited to try this one out✨