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How to Install FileZilla FTP Client on Linux

Upload Files directly to an FTP Server.


Creatinga website is already hard don’t make it harder to upload the files(of the website/app) to your server – just use the freeand open-sourceFileZilla.

You could use the command line interface (terminal) for speed and those that are very proficient at typing commands. But it is not advisable for newbies as anything can always go wrong. So it is better to use a graphical interface (GUI) application to do it. There are many FTP Software (clients) out there that can help you to do this. But FileZilla is a full-featured graphical FTP client and the best free version you can use.


After creating/developing a website and buying the domain name and hosting (a server space to host it), the next step is getting a way to upload your website files directly to the server. This is usually done using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) technology or any of it variants like FTPS and SFTP.

It does all that you need to with a file upload client, which remains relatively simple anyway. On the left pane, FileZilla presents you with a view of your folder selection where you can ensure you select your folder of files to upload – on the right, the pane shows your location on the server.


You just need to ensure you click through the folders on the right pane to the place where you want to upload your files. Then it’s simply a matter of using drag and drop to move your files to upload from the left pane and into the right pane. A very simple, easy, and usually very painless process.


Ifyou need to changethe permissionsforfiles,that’s as easy as a right-click on any files or folders you need toapply them to, and that’s about it.


FileZillaalso includes the following features:

*Available in more than 40 languages

*Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB

*Speed limits

*Filename filters

*Directory comparison

*Remote file editing

*Logging to file

*Synchronized directory browsing

*Remote file search

*Tabbed interface to connect to multiple servers


Filezilla is available in the software centre of most popular Linux distributions. Simply type “ filezilla ” into the search bar and click on install to install it to your system.


Then you’re done.

Oryou could the following commands in the terminal:

**`sudo apt-get update`**  **sudo apt-get install filezilla**
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Toremove the FileZilla client, run command in terminal:

sudo apt remove filezilla && sudo apt autoremove

Thereyou have it. You can start using FileZilla.


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