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Mindset and Resource Management (while learning coding)


Mindset is a much important resource to any human out there other than anything. It is more valuable than Gold, Diamonds, etc. Let's talk about myself I didn't have a PC or a Laptop when I started my Diploma(Computer-Engg.), me and my friend used to code on our college's computers. After a year it was pandemic and due to that, I was not able to code regularly due to which my coding skills downgraded.

Mindset while learning code should be even tougher because when you are coding it means you have enough sources assuming that I will tell you that even I face many problems sometimes because of the academics I have to focus on more than 1 language(technology) which is much time-consuming. Later I found a solution for it too.


Again this is a much-underrated topic while learning. I think some tips can help you with issues you face.

// Always start with what you have.
// Never doubt yourself.
// At the beginning never learn by time (e.g.- giving 1 hour to
PHP and 1 hour to JAVA while learning both parallels).
// Learn by Goals (e.g.- I will clear the main class topic in JAVA
by today).
// Beginners should learn one thing at a time.
// Understanding time. (I'll cover this topic briefly)
// Don't push yourself too hard.
// Stay positive.

Understanding time

It's a smart concept on its own. It means to map the time according to the learner's needs because every learner has different sources for learning. When I start learning a new language or anything new, I first decide the period in which I want to learn that particular thing. You can relate with following example.

Scenario - I want to learn JAVA

--> Case-1 Have enough time
e.g.- If I have enough time I will go with it
has detailed explanations of every concept.

--> Case-2 Shortage of time
e.g.- If I do not have much time and want to master skills than
I would go with because it saves my time by
making concepts short.

I post content for online learning resources in the near

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