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Gustavo Tavares
Gustavo Tavares

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Hello Word!

I hope you get the title's joke, as this is my first time writing a blog.

My name is Gustavo Tavares, I am 29 years old, and I am a Brazilian.
I am a former professional in Advertising and Propaganda, and now I am entering the world of programming and in love with it.

As for September 05, I am in Brazil as Canada opened the border, before that I was stuck in Canada for almost 2 years without seen my family or friends, without leaving my room as we had online classes and quarantines.
But my location doesn’t really matter, as Open-Source Community is scattered around the globe I can work from here, at the time I want without any problem.

I am taking OSD600 because I believe to be one of the most useful courses that Seneca can offer, that will give me experience on working in big projects, working with Git, and preparing us for the market. Also, I really like how David is willing to help students to achieve their goals.

My goal this term is to improve my portfolio, improve my confidence working with others, as for now every assignment I did was by myself, and improve my coding skills.

For my forked repo, I picked the 30-seconds-of-code (
It’s a repo with short snippets of JavaScript code to help people coding in JavaScript.
Very useful for people like me that are always learning something and trying different things.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction!
Leave me a message if you want to talk or have any questions about me.

Thank you so much and see you next post.

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