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Easy Sstp VPN installer

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Windows SSTP VPN connection install from certificate


Easy Windows SSTP VPN install from host certificate


  • Download certificate from host

  • Install certificate to Root Store, Local Machine category (It doesn't matter, valid or not)

  • Create SSTP VPN type PhoneBook entry with certificate canonical name

  • Don't set default gateway to host server

Download: Latest


0, Download file & Just rename it to target hostname

1, Start program

alt text

2, Ack UAC warning

alt text

3, Show install details

alt text

4, Start connect

alt text

Alterantive Usage

  • SstpVpnInstaller (without arguments)

  • SstpVpnInstaller [IpAddress]

  • SstpVpnInstaller [HostName]


RasDial (

IlMerge (

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