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🕒Another yet TimeTracker

Hello, I would like to introduce my app - TimeTracker. This app would be helpful for people who want to know how much time was spent on their tasks. It was written on Electron using TypeScript.

Technical part

The app is based on electron-react-boilerplate. It uses React for rendering, Mobx for storing the state, and Ant for CSS. Also, I've attached jss to declare styles.

App description

You can track time, add notes, view reports of the tracked time, and more.

Start and stop time, jump between tasks, and add details on how the time was spent.


  • create projects (choose project color)
  • create tasks with subtasks (drag&drop supported)
  • track time in tasks
  • change start time and end time of tasks
  • add details on how time was spent
  • receive notifications when task is in progress or when you idle
  • switch between profiles


Press me


Task description:
task description

Hours tab:

Edit time range description:
Time range

👉 Download link (Windows, Linux, Macos)

GitHub logo Yadro / time-tracker

🕘 Todo list with stopwatch on each task

Glad if the app would be helpful 😊

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