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What is a "Classic" DEV Post?

Classic DEV Post

I am curious as to what makes these posts "Classic", as opposed to anything else.

(Also, this is my first post, please don't judge)

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rhymes • Edited

Hi Yamboy1, welcome to :-)

Thanks to your post I learned something new about's source code.

According to this file a post becomes a potential classic if:

  • has a random tag, chosen by a specific set of tags which apparently changes by user
  • is published and featured (not sure how the latter works)
  • has at least 45 positive reactions
  • is at least 10 months old

It can also be just a random high quality article (min 75 positive reactions).

Then from the list of the candidates, one post gets chosen at random and put in a cache for 90 minutes.

I probably missed something but at least now we both know it's a combination of popularity, user input and randomness :)

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Ben Halpern

Nailed it 😅

(Featured is a manual trigger by admins, basically for this purpose. We’d want to unfeature anything that is now out of date even if it was popular.)