re: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity? VIEW POST

re: That would be a good survey. Which has been the gratest softare paradigm shift in the industry? I did really like a book that a friend did borr...

Absolutely true!

Paradigms, architectural styles/patterns, and design patterns are really essential to properly solve a problem.

I really feel thankful being a software architect, so that I can realize when someone jumping for microservices solution (with docker, kubernetes, and whatever super duper tech) just cuz it's fancy 🤦

Or automating tests with Selenium just cuz big company X are using it 🤮

As you said, understanding the tech might be important to finish a specific project, but realizing the problems which the tech solves is x10 billion more important.

I guess it's time to write an article on "Why Software Architecture REALLY Matters for All Developers".

Looking forward to the article! I love it when an article breaks down the tiny problems from the top level to see the big picture (in this case, software architecture). I would love to learn.

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