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Whatsapp Clone for Android & IOS using Flutter & Python - Part 2 (Complete Tutorial)

Hey fellas I am Yash Makan back with another article. Today we are going to continue our journey where you and I are going to create a complete whatsapp applicaion from scratch. Yup, from very start till the end. This is the part 2 of the series so If you have missed the part 1 then I will highly suggest you to check the playlist to understand better. If you don’t know about whatsapp application then basically it’s a social media messaging application where user can send messages to their friends & family. It also has features like video calling, status sharing and much more. And if you are thinking, are we going to develop all these features?? then the answer is yes my friend... Also If you are tired of reading and want me to get out of your mind then I’ve got a video covering all this just watch the youtube video below.

Source code

Source Code is Available in the description box below in the video. So do check it out...

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