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DITU Student App

DITU Student App is a Student's App which aims to solve most day-to-day problems that a student may face in DIT University, Dehradun

History of the Project

When I was in 2nd Semester I started learning Android App Development from Udacity, so while learning I decided to implement it somewhere. So I looked around my college and found a problem and decided to solve it and I started making an App for It.

After it became a success within college I started adding more and more features to solve more Day-to-day problems that my Batchmates were facing and soon that first solution was just one feature of the App.

Features of the App

  • Time Table
  • Notifier
  • Attendance Manager
  • University Newsfeed
  • Club Events Promotions
  • Old Question Papers
  • Easy access to the Student Portal of the College
  • Group Chats
  • File Sharing
  • Notifications

Features of the Website

  • Web File Storage
  • Codebin (Inspired from PasteBin)
  • Old Question Papers
  • Code Share

How I built it

I have used and learned following while making this Project -

  • Java (for Android App)
  • XML (for Android App)
  • HTML (for Website)
  • CSS (for Website)
  • Javascript (for Website)
  • PHP (for Website and API)
  • MySQL (for database)
  • Firebase (for Authentication, Analytics)
  • Realtime Database (for group chats)

Link to App and Website

Android App -

Website -

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

Starting from A Time Table App to a Student App I learned a lot about Programming, App Development and Web Development. Thanks to all those free courses available on Udacity and Youtube.

Happy Coding!

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