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Ace JavaScript Interviews like a Pro

Stop saying I have failed in an interview ❌
Just say I got some interview experience ✔

Are you preparing for JavaScript Interviews?
Yes? 🤔

Then follow me along 👇

Be confident and remove the fear of failing

Believe in your preparation in case you fail you will be having an experience of the interview and the questions that you were not able to answer.

Work hard and clear the upcoming interview.

Always learn from mistakes 😀

Don't just copy-paste the code but first try to understand the code.

Reason 👇
If the recruiter asks you to explain the code, then you should be able to explain.

Different Interview methods:

a. Machine Coding Round
b. Technical Round
c. Project Discussion

a. Machine Coding Round

How to tackle a machine coding round?

If you have a week, then you have an ample amount of time.

But what if it is just 3 to 4 hours?
Always try to keep interview modules ready before.

Example 👇
Styling, Auth, etc

Don't waste time on basic things

b. Technical Round

Prepare well for basic concepts of JavaScript.

You may be thinking that many questions can be asked. So, what are some common questions?

Hold on 😁

Here is the list of some common questions 👇

  • var vs let vs const
  • Arrays
  • Block Scope
  • == and ===
  • Some common Array method: a. map b. reduce c. filter d. find
  • Hoisting
  • this keyword
  • call, bind and apply
  • async and defer
  • local and session storage
  • Timers: setTimeout, setInterval, clearTimeout
  • Closure
  • Promises
  • async/wait
  • Polyfills: map, bind

Good to know:

  • Debouncing
  • Throttling
  • Performance Optimization:

a. Caching
b. Code Splitting
c. Bundling
d. Minification
e. Server-Side Rendering

Speak while you write the code.

Reason 👇
If you are writing the wrong code recruiter might help you.

c. Project Discussion Round

Understand the code and workflow.

Reason 👇
The recruiter might ask you to tweak some functionality in your project.

That's All 😀
I hope you liked it 😁

Keep Calm and Ace the Interview 😎

If you fail in an interview, remember one thing: "Failure is success in progress."

"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worst, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine."

Your thoughts?

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