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My FIRST OPEN SOURCE Contribution!! My First Attempt at Open-Source and First Blog


Despite the Easy level of difficulty, I’m super proud to have finally contributed. I’ve been wanting to participate in open source for a long time, but I’ve found the process a bit confusing and scary. I didn’t really know where to start and Then After a lot of Research on Open Source for months, Watching videos, Reading Articles, I made my First Open Source Contribution!!

It wasn't Even that Big it was just a Minor Change in Code, i.e when we click any of the Social Media Icon on the Website it Opens in the Current tab, But the change I made was to Redirect it to a New Tab... it was a minor change But still, for me, it is very big, it Made me Very happy

So Recently I Came Across a Program named JWoC (JGEC Winter of Code) and immediately registered in it after registration, We can choose any Project or Contribute to any projects that are selected for the event, but you can take only 2 issues at a time, So I Selected HackClubRait project

Coding Phase Started on 1Feb

For this I First needed to Revise Git, Github I Learned how to use Git long ago, but never used it so eventually, I forgot the commands, After revising I went to take up an issue on Feb 1, but...All the Issues were already Taken
then I visited HackClubRAIT website( and went through it and raised an issue,
Image description
This was the issue I raised after some time this issue was assigned to me by the project mentor
Then I forked it, Cloned it, and started going through the codebase, and in the contact us section in anchor tag(HTML Tag) I added target="_blank" beside the Social media Links that's it and It's Completed..!!!

After making changes to the code, I made sure that the solution and description were referenced by the project mentor, She Congratulated me and told me to Pull Request it, I was so happy

Then I faced Some Issues as I didn't go thoroughly through and i need to do the Steps again after referring it, Next, I went back to the main repo and started a pull request and provided a description of my contribution

That's it, My PR got Merged and Made My First Open Source Contribution

Image description
Image description

uff....After a long struggle and Fear of How to contribute to open source, i got through the First Hurdle.....

In Future, Will Learn More Languages and Frameworks and Hope Take up a more Harder Issue in Future..!!

->Thoroughly go Through the Readme section
->Don't get scared of failing and doing Nothing, Try and Try until you succeed!!!!

Thank you for going through my first blog, Hope you have Liked it

Have a Nice Day!!

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congrats bro . i face to. its motivates me keet update your journey . now i am your follower

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Atharva Shirdhankar

Awesome buddy Open Source FTW🔥.
Keep collaborating and keep coding and yes keep contributing ✌️.
Great relatable writeup even I use to be confuse when I was trying to contribute to open source.
But slowly and steadily it became easy.

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Yashwanth sai

Thank you 🙌

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Thomas Bnt


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10x learner

Congrats @yashwanth on you first open source contribution!

I just wanted, with this comment, to say that I've liked reading your article ! 😊
Have a fantastic day 😉

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Yashwanth sai

Thank you for taking the time to read my story 😊

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