Help me building UI faster

I'm spending much time on UI part than writing functionality of components in reactjs .Is there a way to implement custom designed ui easily or any theme library.


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There are just too many too choose from.

I was going to list'em all here but will refer you to this article, Best UI Frameworks for your new React.js App. instead.

There is one not mentioned there, which is Atlaskit created by Atlassian (best known for JIRA).
I've never used Atlaskit but it seems not too overbearing or too flat like other Material based components.

I've used Ant-Design and wasn't so bad to work with.

And lastly, there is a React framework called React-admin (Material based), which lets you build administrative pages.

What you need to be aware of when using those components is that,

  1. harder to upgrade React (for new features) unless components are updated by the vendor
  2. learning curve for theme customization is long
  3. a11y (accessibility) is hard to do as you cannot inject a11y tag such as aria-label if components doesn't expose a way to inject.

For themes, checkout Creative Tim (sorry, never used it but only heard of it here and there.).

Wow, it looks cool.
I probably won't be able to give you a feedback until I play around with it, though...

Depends on what your trying to do on the UI side of things? There are premade components you could always import into your project and use as needed - the one that comes to mind is:

ant design, bootstrap, semantic, bulma etc.
There are hundreds of these frameworks. But don't forget, they weight a lot.... You can quickly build up a several hundreds of kilobytes...

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