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Discussion on: Dark (lang): built with OCaml/ReasonML/Bucklescript, inspired by Elm

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Yawar Amin • Edited

Hi Niels, it's not totally accurate to say that React basically copied [Elm] (in a watered down way imho). This is because if you look at React's history, it was deployed internally at Facebook in 2011. And if you look at Elm's history, it was initially designed in 2012, using a quite different paradigm (functional reactive programming) than it is using today. In fact I would say Elm took inspiration from the one-way dataflow idea that React popularized when it greatly simplified its event handling approach and decided to say farewell to FRP.

It is true though that Redux, the state management library, was inspired by Elm.

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Niels Bom Author

Hey Yawar,

Thank you for correcting me on that. And doing so in a very respectful way.
I'll update the post to reflect that.