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Announcing Youki 0.0.4 🎉🎉🎉

Hello everyone!

For about a year now, I have been doing some open source contributions to a great project called Youki. It is a low level container runtime, written in Rust language, which aims to be similar to existing runc or crun projects, with its own advantages. It has been immense fun to contribute, and I have learnt a lot while doing this, right from writing docs, figuring out stuff in a complex code base to Linux internals such as namespaces, cgroups, and processes.

Today, we are announcing version 0.0.4 of Youki.

In this release

last release of v0.0.3 was done in April, and this release brings some pretty exciting updates to Youki :

  • Now Youki passes all of the contained integration tests, which means it can be used a runtime with containerd like runc or crun
  • Adds support for WasmEdge, which is one of the fastest WASM runtimes
  • And Many More!

The Full changelog + release notes can be seen here :

Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped us achieve this!

Personally, I'd also like to especially mention utam0k and Furisto who helped me a lot!

Check out Youki at its github Repo :

GitHub logo containers / youki

A container runtime written in Rust

We also have a nice documentation up at for both users and developers, come take a look!

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tanix profile image

Thank you for sharing the news about the latest release of Youki. I noticed there is a typographical error in the title, it should be 0.0.4, not 0.4.0. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thanks again for your contributions to the open source community!

yjdoc2 profile image

Hey, thanks a lot for catching it , I'm sorry for the typo 🤦‍♂️
Thanks for your kind words 🙏