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What's New In DevTools (Chrome 76)

  1. Autocomplete with CSS values
    Autocomplete with CSS values
    After typing bold the Styles pane autocompletes to font-weight: bold
  2. A new UI for network settings
    A new UI for network settings
    Network Settings.
    Mapping the old locations to the new.
  3. WebSocket messages in HAR exports
"_webSocketMessages": [
    "type": "send",
    "time": 1558730482.5071473,
    "opcode": 1,
    "data": "Hello, WebSockets!"
    "type": "receive",
    "time": 1558730482.5883863,
    "opcode": 1,
    "data": "Hello, WebSockets!"

When exporting a HAR file from the Network panel to share network logs with your colleagues, your HAR file now includes WebSocket messages. The _webSocketMessages property begins with an underscore to indicate that it's a custom field.

  1. HAR import and export buttons
    HAR import and export buttons
    The new HAR buttons.
  2. Real-time total memory usage
    Real-time total memory usage
    The bottom of the Memory panel shows that the page is using 43.4 MB of memory in total. 209 KB/s indicates that total memory usage is increasing 209 KB per second.
  3. Service worker registration port numbers
    Service worker ports.
  4. Inspect Background Fetch and Background Sync events
    The Background Fetch pane. Demo by Maxim Salnikov.
    The Background Sync pane.

Resource: What's New In DevTools (Chrome 76)

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