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re: @yohhoy and @jess I have created a temporary repo below to review or fix the welcome message. It will help people contribute to translation. g...

Hi @unbabel , thank you for preparing repo on your GitHub account.
I agree with you that we (include contributors in future) need co-working VCS like GitHub, but I think dev.to official (or semi-official) repo is more better place.

@jess : Is it difficult to provide us repo for localization/translation from dev.to?

I think dev.io official (or semi-official) repo is more better place.

@yohjp I completely agree with you but I think it might be difficult to consider translation flow or team immediately.

I understand your point, but I'd like to wait for reply from dev.to team.

I think such translation refinement is not urgent nor serious issue. I feel the original Japanese text doesn't have critical mistranslation which have native speakers' misconception.

Hey @yohhoy & @unbabel !

We'll be open sourcing in the New Year so we'll want to move it into a our repo then! But for right now, Sam's repo is perfect and we'll be watching it for updates :)


@jess . I got it. I setup my repository with GitLocalize. It is tranlsation tool which I build. It will help contributor translate welcome message.

I would appreciate if you could give me or create each localized file on the repo to manage translation.

I just invite you on the repository. Please check your email out.


@hohhoy I would like to invite you to the repository. Is it ok?

@unbabel OK, I joined the repository.

@jess Thank you for your reply.

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