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Steve Yonkeu
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AirPod Pro or AirPod 3


From Airpods to Airpods pro, Apple will never stop surprising us with updates.
Many should have been asking, "But what should I choose among these 😥?" and for sure that sucks a lot. Without me giving an exact choice to make, let me convince you with details about these devices you ignored till today.

Before diving deeper, let's talk about this wireless technology

Why Apple came into the wireless earphone technology


In 2016, Apple at San Francisco introduced AirPods, innovative new wireless headphones that use advanced technology to reinvent how we listen to music, make phone calls, enjoy TV shows and movies, play games and interact with Siri, providing a wireless audio experience not possible before. AirPods eliminate the hassles of wireless headphones, by just flipping open the lid of its innovative charging case and with one tap, they are instantly set up and ready to work with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Philip Schiller said, “AirPods are the first headphones to deliver a breakthrough wireless audio experience, and with the new Apple W1 chip they deliver innovative features including high-quality sound, great battery life and automatic setup.”

That being said, let's go deeper right to the aim of our journey.

What's best among the AirPods and AirPods Pro

Here we'll mention the differences between these two technological innnovations.


1 - Noise Cancellation :

The main feature Airpods pro have over our traditional AirPods is noise cancellation.


That allows you to take them out into the world and not be disturbed by outside noise. The basic AirPods will give you some level of what we call passive noise isolation that comes from the buds blocking some parts of the ear canal.

2 - Airpods Pro with silicon ear tips for better fit:


All that we need is comfortability, and AirPods developers taught of that and brought to us comfort by providing a tighter fit may sound more uncomfortable at first, but tighter fitting earbuds provide the best bass response as no sound is wasted by escaping the ear. This tighter fit may sound more uncomfortable at first, but tighter fitting earbuds provide the best bass response as no sound is wasted by escaping the ear.

3 - AirPods with longer life Batterie:


Apart from the noise cancellation as the gap between these assets, let's mention the term battery which is better in AirPods than AirPods pro. The AirPods 3 aren’t exactly class leaders with their six-hour listening time, but that is a substantial improvement on the Pro’s 4.5-hour battery life. Thankfully both pairs of earbuds have an additional 24 hours of charge in the case, so it’s a draw there.

4 - AirPods 3 are cheaper:

Going through different worlds sales platforms like Amazon and others and also through BlackFridays and the greatest ever-existing promotions, I came out to the conclusion that AirPods Pro are far more expensive than our old and traditional AirPods.



In conclusion, not much to say here, just stick to what your heart ❤️ desires.

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