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Scraping DEV with Common Lisp

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scraping in lisp (2 Part Series)

1) Scraping DEV with Common Lisp 2) Scraper para DEV desde Emacs

Since scrapers seem to be trending in DEV, a friend challenge me to make a web scraper using Common Lisp (yeah, I'm a Lisper, you people should (with-it :deal)). Knowing that he was under the impression that "Lisp is outdated and makes everything harder and more verbose" I decided to accept the challenge and wrote this. It took me 1 minute. My network is slow and Emacs takes forever to open in Windows 10.

;;; Just eval this in your favorite Lisp IDE.
;;; Get the libs
(ql:quickload '(:dexador :plump :lquery))
;;; Get the page
(defvar *front-page* (dex:get ""))
;;; Parse the page
(defvar *data* (plump:parse *front-page*))
;; Get the posts!
(lquery:$ *data* "div.single-article h3" (text))

Update: My thanks to @RainerJoswig for catching some typos in the code!!!

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