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Quarkus: Introduction of New Method for Quickly Launching Java applications on Container

Yoshio Terada
Java Champion, Java Evangelist, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
Originally published at ・1 min read

Please refer to the article such kind of person who think that starting Java applications on the Docker environment is slow. Java Application started only 0.005 sec in my env!
Original Document is Here

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Jan Wedel

Did you plan to add any information here? 😊

I was also about to post about Quarkus, so if anyone is interested, this is the website:

There are two things that I find appealing:

  • Compiles Java to naive binary using GraalVM wich makes startup insanely fast
  • Unifies reactive and imperative in one application. This is great because you can’t have WebFlux and MVC mixed in one application


  • yet another web framework
  • still beta, no one has used it in production

Nevertheless, I like new technologies being a bit disruptive to plant new ideas that will have a positive effect on other frameworks and libraries.

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Yoshio Terada Author

Actually it is first time for me to use this site.
In fact, My original contents is as follows.