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Yuan-Hsi Lee
Yuan-Hsi Lee

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My first attempt to open source

About me

I am a junior web developer. I've done some web application projects using C#, dotnet core, javascript, react, and Vue by myself or with friends.

Just like other international students, I do want to move back home, and being with my family during this difficult time, especially while my hometown Taiwan is kinda good at handling this pandemic. However, I'm still in Ontario since I am too lazy to move. It is fine for me because I still have 5 courses to take in college, it would be a pain to take these courses in a totally opposite time zone of Ontario.

Open source and me

The charm of open-source is that it makes everything unlimited. No matter how smart a person is, she only gets one brain. Open-source provides developers to help each other and create more possibilities and surprises.

I want to use the power of programming to help minorities. It is a vague and unrealistic goal since I have few experiences in this field. However, I believe that as long as I am on the right track, I will eventually accomplish something, or at least make some changes. In this term, I want to develop an open-source project from scratch. It will be a great chance to examine what I have learned so far and to reinforce the ability of communication and collaboration in the open-source community.

Intriguing Github trending repo

The Github trending repo I choose is "googletest". I am always curious about testing but never gotten a chance to have practical experiences.

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