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Frits Hoogland for YugabyteDB

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Virtualbox 7.0.4 kickstart issue

I was building a new version of YugabyteDB vagrant box with packer and virtual box. Because we (Yugabyte) have a new preview release out.

If you are interested in the packer scripts, you can see them in my vagrant-yugabyte repository.

If you are interested in the outcome of the packer scripts building YugabyteDB, you can see the build boxes here. A description of how to use this can be found here.

However, I was unable to build the boxes with packer for some reason. It turned out that this wasn't an easy to fix or obvious issue. In fact, I had to search quite hard to find an answer. I am pretty sure my friend Tim Hall (oracle-base) ran into this issue too. Finally, I found a description of the issue on packer GitHub: Packer 1.8.4 not working with Virtualbox 7.0.4+ #12118.

The most important thing is that there is a resolution; add:

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As a setting to the builders vboxmanage section.

So that is what you need to do if you find your packer (automated) RHEL builds fail with the message:

dracut-initqueue[<pid>]: curl: (28) Failed to connect to port <port>: Connection timed out
dracut-initqueue[<pid>]: Warning: Problem : timeout. Will retry in 1 seconds. 3 tries left.
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(message in the console of the VM that is build)

Virtualbox version: 7.0.4r154605
packer version: 1.8.4
OSX version: 12.6.1 (Intel)

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