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how to determine a field to get in deep with if you a cs student?

Hi I'm Yusuf, a computer science probationer student. -I want to keep learning and growing both My interpersonal and technical skills so that I can strive to be the most successful version of myself.
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the more i know the tech world the more i get confused to choose what I'm really want to do.

i have been studying python for over a six months.

doing some cool stuff with it like web development, data visualization, building games, discovering the software world in detailed with it, beside solving problems for over three months.
and i really don't know where i should focus most of my effort to, if you can help me please don't think twice and share you knowledge with me.

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Honestly, I'd just play around as much as you can and find something you really like, try open-source projects, hobby projects, etc. But even then, after a couple of years, you'll probably find something else you enjoy doing more.

I started out doing web development and loved it. From front-end design to help better user experience to back-end cloud architectures. Now after 5 years of web development I made a change and currently work with robotics and computer vision and enjoy doing that much more.

In my spare time, I still dabble in web development but my focus is more on industrial implementations using computer vision. I think you should focus less on a specific specialization and just choose something you enjoy doing and focus on that, the knowledge and specialization will come.

If you're working on a specific goal e.g. to become a game developer then there are of course more specific things you should probably focus on but if not, why not have some fun and work with the things you like?

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YusufAdel Author

You have clarified you point of view very well, I'm totally agree with you and I'd like get a way of contact with each other.
If you don't mind can you send you linkedin profile

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