How to use Caps Lock key as ESC on ubuntu 18

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You should replace Caps Lock key for the following reasons.

  • 1.Caps Lock key easy to push from home position.
  • 2.Nowadays, We need few time to use Caps Lock.
  • 3.if Push ESC key from home position, you will use vim more usefull.

Lets try.

1.get gnome-tweak-tool

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

2.start gnome-tweak-tool.


Select "Caps Lock behavior" with "Make Caps Lock an additional ESC"

3.Restart ubuntu.

The setup procedure is over.
Now, your Caps Lock key is ESC.

thanks reading my post.


I love how the linux world allows you to do obscure things like this with such ease.

A breath of fresh air compared to the closed platforms!


I think so too.

Recently, I am happy to change to a workplace that can use Linux.

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