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Ishimwe Yvan
Ishimwe Yvan

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Andela bootcamp experience

Boot camp at Andela has been a great life experience in my life, My expectations were greatly different from the real experience I have got here at Andela. Andela has been the most important and excellent community that every person with a desire of becoming a good and professional software engineer can wish to be.

I did not have enough experience in project management and software development but these few days I spent in boot camp I have learned a lot from it especially I have added some values to what I had like Integrity, working together as a team, ask for help if you are not understanding the flow of the given task.

Through the boot camp, I have encountered other specific values, I have learned to be punctual, being an organized person, making plans of what to do, and setting the exact time of accomplishing the given tasks through the pivotal tracker project management tool and also the "Stand up Alice". I have also got many skills in programming and website development, projects management I didn't know how to use some languages like JS(ES6) but through the assistance of my fellow boot camper, I have learned a lot from them.

To sum up, My journey to his boot camp at Andela has been an experiencing and awesome journey, and I wish to join the Andela community because I want It to be my lifetime career.

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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