React TypeError: Cannot read property problem

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I am trying to access the title tag but I am getting this error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'snippet' of undefined

inside my component I have a
state ={

which I updated via an ajax request to the Google Api.

inside my render Method
const { items } = this.state.items ? this.state : [];

please help

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Hi @yvens47 . Could you provide more context?

You can improve your chances for a reply by putting a minimal example to either JSFiddle, Code Sandbox, or StackBlitz. Describe what you want it to do, and things you've tried.


here is the jsfiddle.net/67eLg9ft/3/

I made the request to the google got a response and the response in the items state of the component but when I try to access property of some of the of the objects inside the Items state.
I am getting a type error; properties undefined.

I think it has something to do with this piece of code below inside the render method.
const { items } = this.state.items ? this.state : [];

or the code inside the ComponentDidmount Method

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