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DO Hackaton Submission

What I built

Dbug is an application where programmers can connect with each other for pair programming.

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Program for the People

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Edit your contact information

Contact change demo video

Add a new project

New project demo video

Share your contact information

Share your contact demo video

Receive and select contact offers

Contact selection demo


This application allows people to save their contact information and share it with other users. The information stays private and is only shared with people that you decide to share it with. Once you create a project you can receive multiple contact offerings and see on what platforms they are available, as well as GitHub statistics for their profile. After selecting a contact, you are given their contact information for further contact.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License



I wanted to build this app because I think opportunities to bring people together safely is invaluable today. I hope I can give people the opportunity to video call each other to help solve problems and build cool stuff.

How I built it

This application is composed of a full TypeScript stack. I've used ReactJS for the front-end and Express and TypeORM on the back-end. Additionally the application interfaces with a PostgreSQL database. Digital Ocean's App Platform made it extremely easy to get the entire stack running and to deploy new iterations of my application for other people to try.

Additional Resources/Info

Check out the other posts in this series for some additional insight on how I've built this application.

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