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DO Hackaton Log #4

Hi devs,

My appllication is finally ready! You can go to this link right now to try it out. In case you haven't read the last posts, dbug is an application where programmers can post short project ideas or problems they are trying to solve and other programmers can offer their contact information for pair programming. Here is a demo of the features:

Edit your contact information

Contact change demo video

It is required to have at least one of any contact information available (meet, discord or zoom). This information is not public and only gets sent to the author of projects you decide to share your contact with.

Add a new project

New project demo video

You may only have one active project at once. The projects stay up indefinitely until you either delete it or choose a contact offer.

Share your contact information

Share your contact demo video

You can do this on as many projects as you want, it does not guarantee that the author of that project will be able to contact you as they may select some other contact offer. Also the project list has an infinite scroll feature.

Receive and select contact offers

Contact selection demo

New contact offers will show up on the project page. Once you select one, you are taken to a screen were you can see all of the contact information that was made available by that user. This will also close that project.

What I've learned

Building this submission has given me the opportunity to learn a lot of new technologies:

  • TypeORM I had already worked with TypeORM before but in a much simpler capacity. Now I know a lot more about relations and queries.
  • react-query This I had never used before, it took a while for me to figure out how this library is supposed to be used and I considered giving up on it and just doing the axios requests manually but I'm glad I didn't, this tool is a huge time saver and makes querying an API a hundred times easier.
  • Storybook Also had used before but only on a very surface level. You can read my other post on this series if you want to know more about Storybook it is a great took for front-end work.


Now I just need to write some readme files before making my submission. I hope you all had as much fun as I did in this hackaton!

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