Organizing a Local Open Source Talk?

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Given you're an open source enthusiast,

and you live in Sudan where most tech people/companies still think of "open source" as a synonym for "free of charge"

...and those who actually know its meaning are either afraid and/or don't know how to start contributing to OSS!

How would you organize a talk(s) about these topics:

  1. What is open source? And how to start contributing?
  2. Open source as a business!

Keep in mind that you have never been in a tech conference before :(


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I admittedly know little about the size or culture of the tech community in Sudan. But when organizing a local tech meetup or talk there are a few things you will need: a speaker, a place to meet and a way to market the event to the local tech community.

I normally like to plan things well in advance, ideally 90 days but at least 30 days, to give the speaker time to prepare and allow me to reach a large number of folks who might be interested.

Given your note, perhaps the first talk could be from an open source enthusiast (maybe even yourself) on "Why open source software doesn't mean free of charge?"


Thank you John, this is very helpful :)

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