What is something in your routines that is helping you work remotely?

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Oh, yes, here is yet another blog post on working remote. My goal of this is to foster a conversation about what is working or not working for everyone though , so feel free to post in the comments and skip reading this if you would like! (I seriously will not be offended.)

without further ado, I do not have it down to an exact science yet, but here is how I have handled working remotely:

1) I am a morning person, so I try to stack my meetings in one big block instead of throughout the day. This gives me bigger time blocks to code, test, or fix a bug. Understanding that I was an early bird rather than a night owl, has been key to my productivity.

2) I view my day as a list of things I need to get done rather than a strict 9-5. This has been key to help me maintain a work/life balance and honestly be more productive.

3) I disconnect and take breaks throughout the day. I try to walk 2-3 times a day and/or workout. I also try to take a quick break in-between meetings. Microsoft talks about this in a recent blog post as well.

I am always on the hunt for tips and tricks for remote working, so feel free to leave any in the comments!

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