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VS Code Extensions

Most Software Engineers use VS-Code editor for development purposes & that's why I decided to list down some cool & useful extensions which will increase your productivity and will help you in different areas.
Here is the list of some cool & useful extensions which I use

  1. Code Spell Checker
  2. Better Comments
  3. Git Lens
  4. React.js Code Snippet
  5. Live Server

Code Spell Checker

Most of the time in fast coding I usually make typo mistakes and here this extension helps me a lot, it gives me the underline warring that you made a spelling mistake and also suggests me correct spelling.

Better Comments

Most of the time we work in a team & as a team we review each other code & give suggestions, also while one team member creating/working any part of code he/she use to leave a comment to describe what the purpose of this code for another teammate so they can understand, Here is an extension which gives you so many options for your comment like if the commit is warring/alert/suggestion/question/informative

Git Lens

While working on a team if any person needs to check who commit the specific code at what time & in which PR he/she needs to check on the GitHub repo and it's kind of painful part, This extension gives you all the GitHub history of code you want to check who write this code, when and much more on a code level.

React.js code Snippet

While doing development in React.js somehow it isn't difficult sometimes to write a code from scratch for every new component. Here is an extension that can help you to save time by selecting a predefined template for the new component you just need to select the component skeleton from suggestion.

Live Server

This extension is mainly for beginners who are working on HTML, CSS & JS files, whenever you do a code change you need to refresh the page or sometimes reopen the file, Live server creates a server for you where your changes reflect live and no need to refresh/reopen.

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