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Deploy ASP.NET Web Applications For Free !

Hello everyone, I Hope you are all doing well.
there are a lot of ways to host and deploy you .net web apps but not all of them are free or are as easy to use as the tool i will be discussing today.
SmarterASP offers 2 months for free for you to test out your app or even if you want to go into production.
If you are interested I've made the following video to show the process.
In this video i also show a lot of extra configurations for stuff like image uploading and database setup that you might not find straight forward.

Hope you find it useful, don't forget to support me by subscribing :) (Hope we hit 100 Subs soon)

Smarter ASP Link

Extra Notes

will add notes everytime i find something important

.NET Roles :

the easiest solution i found was to copy the SQL creation code from your local database if you already have roles and role accounts and execute the query in SmarterASP.

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