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Data Structure and algorithm with Javascript(Intro)

In programming, data structure and algorithm is very important. If you want to be an efficient programmer, you should have proper knowledge of that particular side. It helps to improve your code quality. There are many programming languages available to master this skill like java, python, c++. These languages are called the language of CS students language generally. On the other hand, most of the web developer's first programming language is javascript as almost most 90% websites of websites use javascript as a front end or backend language. Javascript is such a language that started their journey with very minimal facilities. But day by day, it got improved and now it can be used as both front end and backend language. Here comes the importance of learning javascript as a real programming language. Though an efficient programmer needs to grab these skills first to grab the magical world of programming, most of the programmers here gives less attention to learn this magic. That's why data structure and algorithm learning content are so limited on the internet. So I have decided to create regular content on D/A basic to advance. So keep following me to learn data structures and algorithms with javascript. Thanks

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