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Do you know of a simple commandline email client which...

Hi Fellow Devs, I want your help on whether you know about a commandline tool for Windows.

  • Can connect to a pop3/email client.
  • iterate each email.
  • extract the email addresses in the to, cc, bcc email address list.
  • save the data in a structured format to file.

These kinds of problems are fairly simple to write something to solve, but when it is something which still might take a day or two to code - doesn't seem worthwhile when I can just shell out.

Why do I need it?

I am building a referral program into my .net core MVC CMS. I could write the code but as I said, it will take a day or two to write, and a day or two to test when it is likely this could just be a configured exe.

Any questions, please let me know.

Many thanks - Zak

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Decided I will have to write it myself. Already think it will be a really useful little product for companies looking to manage their emails and referrals relating to GDPR/Data protection.

What do people think about always finding we have to write software because what we thought should exist, doesn't?