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Discussion on: Moving to Split Keyboard AND new layout!

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Leon Guillaume

Yes I know, but the problem is that I live in France, so for the assembly service I will have to pay for a shit ton of shipping and taxes and for assembling it by myself, I manage to fuck up multiple Arduino card in high school due to my bad soldering skills, but sure a Kyria is a good solution and I wanted to build a Lily 58 but the component were unavailable.

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Daniel Mayovsky Author

I think it's not that hard to do this build.
The only demanding task soldering skill-wise is soldering on the tiny diodes. Everything else is more so carefulness-wise taxing. You have to make double-triple-quadruple sure you are soldering things on the right side, in the right direction in the right pin-out. The actual skill in doing that is low, it's just the carefulness.