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How is the voice chat implemented in the game chat system? (1)

zegotech profile image ZegoTech ・1 min read
  1. Should it be developed based on a third-party SDK? Many game developers choose third-party SDKs for development in order to keep up with the progress and get their products to market quickly.

Chat Platform SDK and API Features

There are several features that distinguish a good Chat SDK from a great one. The best Chat SDKs for Android and iOS will have certain features which will set them apart in the market.
There are some of the best API providers for Android, iOS and Web Apps listed below:

Top 4 Chat, Audio & Video Chat API & SDK Providers for Enterprise Business in game chat.
a. MirrorFly — (USA & India)
A Complete Messaging, Video & Voice Calling Solution.
MirrorFly Chat Platforms Highlight Features are Include:
100% Customizable Solution
Data Channel
Screen Sharing
Video Conferencing

Building stable and high-quality streaming services for real-time audio and video communications.
Zego voice and video Chat API & SDK Features are Include:
Multi-industry and multi-scenario application, all devices adaptation
100% Customizable Solution
Screen Sharing
Data Channel
Voice Calling
Enterprise Communication SDK
Group Chat
Live Broadcasting API

c. SendBird — (USA)

Leading Chat API & Messaging SDK
Sendbird Messaging API & SDK Highlight Features are Include:

Push Notifications
Typing Indicators
Send & Receive Structured Media
Auto-Thumbnail Generation
d. Smooch — (Canada)

Embeded Chat SDks for iOS, Android & Web
Smooth Chat Application APIs Highlight Features are Include:

Native SDKs
Real-time push notifications
Roles and identities


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