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Zell Liew 🤗

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The Flavors of Object-Oriented Programming (in JavaScript)

I wrote an article on CSS Tricks where I explained 4 different ways to write Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript. If you're confused about OOP, this article should help sort things out for you nicely.

The four ways are:

  1. Constructor functions
  2. Classes
  3. OLOO
  4. Factory functions

In this article, you'll learn :

  1. How to write Object Oriented Programming with each of the four methods.
  2. Get to know methods are the "best", and why
  3. Get to know how to write event listeners with OOP (which is never taught elsewhere).

I'm excited to share this one with you. Click here to read the article!

I hope you enjoy this. Let me know if you do!

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You have to put the entire article here, not just a sample and link to it.