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Awesome Remote Work

I discovered the book "Remote" written by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried in 2014 when I joined Zenika.

Since then, I love to read books on the basecamp culture like "Rework" or "It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work".

With the arrival of COVID-19, I decided to create a list of relevant links to share the culture from "remote" companies to everyone.

☁️ Company Culture

Since the beginning of Zenika, there is a "Cloud-first" culture:

  • Gsuite for collaboration
  • GitHub for code
  • Slack for 1-to-1 communication
  • Workplace for streamline communication
  • SaaS tools for HR, for Sales

All of these tools seem to be "normal" to be used inside our company and every employee has the right to be in remote when they wish (and notify your manager).

🏠 The path to become a remote company

We are an IT Services company so we share our people skills to our customers to build and deliver software.
To keep our own culture safe, my manager has found a cool way to make people work all together: everyone on Friday will not stay in the customer office. He encourages employees to stay remote (from our own office or from their home).

First reaction from our customers: they were not able to work remotely. So we helped some of them to adopt a remote culture with the associated tools.

⏰ The "COVID-19" effect

With the arrival of the Coronavirus disease, some of them didn't take the right patterns and even worse, a few of them panics.

To empower the remote culture, I just compiled a list of great articles on "How to remote work?" creating an awesome repository on GitHub.

💚 Open source

The repository is open-source and inspired by the awesome lists from sindresorhus.
I've added a specific README for 🇫🇷 french advices and links.
If you wish to contribute for your own country, you're welcome! 🙌

🚀 Feel free to share your links!

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Karen Tamrazyan

Really nice compilation of tools for remote work! Thanks for sharing!

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Julien Landuré

You're welcome! 🙌