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Top 10 Soft Skills for a Developer

Daniele Fontani
・1 min read

When I started as a developer, I thought that technical competences were all in our job. So, I continue training myself, trying to become every day a better developer. What I missed at the beginning it that our professional background doesn’t need only to be technical. It’s clear that if you want to play machine learning, you have to master python, Keras, TensorFlow, and all the other cool stuff we have nowadays. These are your tools. This is your playground. These are your hard skills. What you miss probably, is to focus also on soft ones. Soft skill helps to work better with others, get results easier, give more value on what you do. And if you think that soft skill doesn’t produce working software, read this article. I thought the same, but I boost my career only when I started to look at the whole professional, not just to the technical part. In this article, you will find ten skills that are important to become a better IT professional and some suggestions that will be useful for improving them.

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