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Simon Newby
Simon Newby

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What was your sin this week?

So we all love to chat about our wins but there's something cathartic about admitting the dark side acts we made. So please, let me know, what was your sin this week? What did you shit code when you knew you could have done better?

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Dan Silcox

There should be like a ‘dark unicorn’ icon 😂

Ok confession time - I added a really horrible ‘if’ statement to an already horrible stored proc rather than rewriting it to be less horrible (no really, it was bad! 😂)

In my defence it’s in an app that’s earmarked to be ‘decommissioned’ soon!

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Simon Newby

Well if its going to be depreciated...

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Fulton Browne

I brought down one server 3 times (It pays to test)