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Open-Source Working with Others


This week, I wrote some issues for URLpilgram "A NODE CLI program to search for URLs inside multiple or individual files and check their STATUS as well as check URLs directly." The code was written with Node.js .


The issues I wrote are linked here

This issue was a cause for concern due to the fact that the program was picking up Non-URL strings and testing to see if they work. This caused a performance issue and was not needed. I picked up on the problem which was with regex and I suggested to the author that he should try and fix it.

This issue was submitted as a recommendation on how the author could improve the program speed. Which was to not use asynchronous and just use normal synchronous programming.


Through this experience, I affirmed my understanding that programmers write code in all sorts of different ways. There are many benefits and drawbacks to code diversity. Through honing my skills by going through the process of writing issues, I am confident I can develop my programming methodology to make my code cleaner, faster and more efficient.


👤 Devansh Shah

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