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Habdul Hazeez
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Google search is experimenting with Dark mode


In User Interface (UI) design, Dark mode (or Dark theme) is a website design trend where a website offers its users a totally different look suitable for low lighting situations.

Dark mode was among the breakout design trends of 2020. Now, Google, the worlds most visited website is testing Dark Mode on its search website.

Few days ago, I was a using the search engine when I saw a notification to try out Dark Mode (for now, Google calls it Dark theme). I clicked on it, and I was redirected to

I scrolled down the page and saw Appearance settings after Auto complete with trending search settings as shown in the image below:

Appearance settings on Google search website

As usual, I clicked on Dark theme, and scrolled down and saved the settings and navigating to, I was greeted with this design:

Google search homepage in dark mode

I performed a search, and it looked like the following:

Search result on Google in dark mode


The original title of this post was How to enable dark mode in Google search, but as I was typing this article, I decided to switch to dark mode (because I liked it) then I notice the Appearance setting is no longer available after Auto-complete with trending searches as shown in the image below:

Google search preference settings

A little Google search revealed, the Dark mode was a test made available to some lucky users (lucky me! 😉).

Nonetheless , when Dark mode is available for everyone on Google search, I'll update this article.


It's evident this was test by Google on its search engine, but due to the current whiteness of the search engine, I think most users will use the Dark mode feature when it becomes globally available.

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