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Isaac Thani
I am a learner... Driven by Genchi Genbutsu(現地現物)!
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I just came across the

and realized I was not doing the 100DaysofCode/100DaysofX. This is not my first attempt at the 100daysofCode, but this is the attempt I want to take seriously(like all the others have been 😂) and complete since I actually have no excuse this time. So I will do my best to follow what has been outlined here...

I will:

  • Actually code for a minimum of one hour each day(Tried for a few days, and I am averaging 2!)

  • Come up with an objective, and something that will help me in my quest to finally work on real projects and build a strong portfolio.

  • I understand that writing real code on real projects should be my goal throughout the challenge, unlike times when I counted times spent on some (very) interactive tutorials haha.

"Time spent on tutorials, online courses, or other similar resources, generally do not count toward fulfilling the requirements of the 100 Days of Code. Tutorials are too passive; try to move from being a consumer to a creator. Learn as you code."

"At the end of each day, push your code to GitHub (or another public repository hosting service)" just to kind of track. I will do that also for my coding challenge.

"Above all else, the most important requirement is to write something every day"(I'm doing that already...).

"You can use a simple timer to ensure that you code for at least an hour every day. If you tend to code for more than an hour, tracking your coding will help you understand more about what projects you have worked on the most". The tools I found will help me manage this process.

"Pacing is the key to maintaining engagement throughout the 100 Days of Code challenge and ensuring you do not overcommit yourself"

"Work on projects that are challenging for you, knowing that 100 Days of Code is about improvement—a rate of change—and not about skill—an absolute measurement."

"You should also write a retrospective blog post or journal entry detailing the successes and challenges of your 100 days of code, so that you may better prepare for more challenges in the future and give back to the next class of developers that are just beginning the challenge." - I can't wait to do that!


I started a #100DaysofCloud earlier as part of the GADS2020 program and it is going great! I will leave that as it is(I'm enjoying it and not sure how I can plan yet), taking it a bit cool. I'm now planning my real 100daysofCode.
Will announce it soon!

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