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Making Some Progress

Isaac Thani
I am a learner... Driven by Genchi Genbutsu(現地現物)!
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I am really enjoying the labs on Qwiklabs. Today I worked on


I created a Cloud Storage bucket and placed an image in it.

Configured an application running in Compute Engine to use a database managed by Cloud SQL.

Configured a web server with PHP, a web development environment that is the basis for popular blogging software.

Configured the web server to reference the image in the Cloud Storage bucket.

Lab: GCP Fundamentals: Getting Started with App Engine

Created and deployed a simple App Engine application using a virtual environment in the Google Cloud Shell.

Performed the following tasks:

Installed the Cloud SDK for App Engine

Previewed an App Engine application running locally in Cloud Shell.

Deployed an App Engine application, so that others can reach it.

Disabled an App Engine application, when you no longer want it to be visible.

Created my first application using App Engine!

Could not complete this: GCP Fundamentals: Getting Started with Deployment Manager and Stackdriver because of erros trying to change some things in the file. I didn't know about the fact that there is a quota for each lab. Now I cannot complete that because I have consumed my quota! - "Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab".

Go big with BigQuery... Separates storage cost from Queries cost...

Lab: GCP Fundamentals: Getting Started with BigQuery

In this lab, I loaded a web server log into a BigQuery table. After loading the data,I queried it using the BigQuery web user interface and the BigQuery CLI. Really enjoyed the process of querying.
I should learn bq more and just play around with data.

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