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Creating Interactive NFTs

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I have made TWENTY interactive NFTs in two months and made $2000 from them! Here is the information:

This uses the ZIM JavaScript Canvas to code creativity.

The reason we did this is not to make money but to show you that you can make interactive NFTs with ZIM.

For instance, here is the code to make an interactive puzzle in ZIM:

const scaling = FIT; 
const w = 1000;
const h = 1000;
const color = darker;
const outerColor = darker;
const pic = "danzen_0000.jpg";
const path = "assets/";

var frame = new Frame(scaling, w, h, color, outerColor, pic, path);
frame.on("ready", () => {

    const num = 4;    
    const t = chop(asset(pic), num, num);
    const s = new Scrambler(t).center();
    s.scramble(2,0,4); // time, wait, num
    s.on("complete", () => {
        // show and animate final picture

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These are selling quickly and are up for resale at 60 Tez which is approximately $400.

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Now, I would rather you not flood the market with such puzzles as I am doing that! But we have made all sorts of wonderful gadgets and if you want to as well, please see:

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All the best, and we are happy to discuss further at:

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