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Hey - want to learn to code the Canvas?

ZIM is the easiest fastest way to code the HTML Canvas with nice simple JavaScript!

new Circle(100,red).center().drag();
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We have an online editor at and this has a Starting Example!

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Have fun!

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Karel Rosseel

Learning the uper magic ZIM javascript code typing, fun-tastic for kids also with and the free assets editor or shorter ! From canvas backgroundcolor or picture to container with pictures and shapes and walking/flying/glowing/animated sprites.. it can all be saved now as Zapp into the to share with the creative world as ZAPP (Zim App) :-) Have Fun Learning ZIM javascript!!

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ZimJS is one of the most amazing library.
I wonder why it's not most used.
A detail, why don't you use more flashy colors ?, the one you use feel sads an not very attractives...