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Best productivity apps for GTD Method

If you never heard of GTD Method, you are missing out big time...

Check out productivity consultant David Allen’s 2001 book, Getting Things Done. Allen introduces a five-step method of applying order for a stress-free work life.

GTD Method

  1. Capture: Write down everything in your mind, every task you have to do. Don’t think twice, just list everything out.
  2. Clarify: Process the list and decide which task should be done first or required immediate attention.
  3. Organize: Add due dates, delegate for others, build a reference file, etc. Basically, you put everything to where they belong to.
  4. Review: Review your task list frequently to see if it needs to be updated or revised.
  5. Engage: Start doing!

This amazing feeling of confidence in getting goals accomplished has proven to be quite popular—which is why so many people swear by the GTD method.

Great GTD tools for freelancers

For Capturing: Omnifocus is a free mind-mapping application that helps structure and prioritize ideas or tasks. Its click-and-drag interface supports easy branching from a central topic and speedy editing.

For Clarifying: The Quire task management app helps organize tasks into goals and supports collaboration and communication in achieving those goals. Key features include the Kanban board which helps focus and execute immediate tasks and the Peekaboo folder which tucks away postponed tasks until you’re ready to handle them.

For Creating Reminders: Google Calendar allows users to create personal and public calendars for free. Accessible from any device connected to the web, the application is great place to schedule and share appointments, events, and task reminders. You can also program your calendar to forward event and task reminders via text message.

How about yours? Have you heard of GTD Method? What is your favorite app to align GTD Method with?

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Gayan Hewa

I used GTD with emacs org-mode. But decided to drop GTD after 6 months of practicing it. I decided to continue to hang on to the reviews and journaling though. I just stick to a blend of things that work for me now that isn't very rigid.

jeffmant profile image
Jefferson Mantovani

Nirvana App!!!